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First Step

A meet and greet! This will allow us the opportunity to meet each other and get to know your pet(s) and your home. If you are ready to move forward... we will customize a schedule to meet your needs, sign our contracts and exchange key(s).

Pet Sitting

Home is where your pet's heart is ... Even the best kennels can present an extremely stressful environment. Your pet is out of its comfort zone -- separated from family, has limited daily contact, is off feeding routine and surrounded by unfamiliar sights and sounds.

My service is tailored to fit you and your pets needs and routine. I can provide up to four thirty minute visits per day. As an added value, we also... bring in the mail, newspaper, alternate lights, etc.

1 – 3 Pets


per visit

4 Pets


per visit

Additional Pets


per visit

  • 25 minute visits... two visit minimum per day for dogs.

  • One visit per day for cats.

  • $4.00 for care on the West Bank

  • Welcome Home Service. Designed for those clients who have either been away for an extended trip and very popular with our corporate travelers... The service includes grocery shopping for a limited number of essential items as well as other services as requested. Fee schedule is determined by time it takes to accomplish task(s).

Overnight Stays

Have the assurance that both your pets and your home are secure. Fee schedule upon request.

Bed & Breakfast

Yes, we do have a few Bed & Breakfast "host families". This service is available for well-mannered guests that are house trained, social and up to date on vaccinations. This service requires two meet and greet visits... one in your home and one in the host home.

Nights are defined as 24 hour periods. Check in and out times are determined with the family.

Walkin', Walkin', Walkin'!

My Remy loves his mid day walks! Grab the leash and he is ready to go... This is a perfect option for a pet that needs some extra love, affection and exercise. Are you going to have a long day? Turn around flight? Going out after work? Sporting events with the children? Don't feel guilty... give me a call!

20 Minutes

30 Minutes

60 Minutes




• Depending on logistics... sixty minute service includes a trip to the park or a local pet store. Let's talk!


  • Pet Chauffeur (Vet, groomer, etc.)

  • Just in case... pet food pick up.

  • Emergency Vet visit.

  • Home Check Only (mail, plants, lights, etc.)

  • Key Return... $10.00. Or you may want to choose to be a "turn key" client.

  • Cancellation Charge $15.00 (If cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled visit)

  • NSF Checks $25.00


  • Cash and Checks are accepted. Credit Cards are accepted with a fee. Payment is due upon first. A deposit of 50% is due upon execution of contract.

  • For more information, please give me a call or send us a request...

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